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Catch a Break

Catch a Break

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In Pittsburgh in 2007, Christina thought her bad luck had reached its peak when "Jerry the Jerk" slammed into her bumper - but what she doesn't know is that the next ten days are going to be even worse. When Jerry turns out to be the Best Man at her sister's wedding, Christina is determined to stay far away from him and his bad luck. But when she wins $100 from an instant lottery ticket, Christina begins to uncover the truth behind her misfortune - and eventually finds a way to stop it.


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  • Paperback Book

    • Paperback: 255 pages
    • Publisher: Independently published 
    • Language: English
    • Product Dimensions: 6  x 9 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds
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  • Reviews

    Java - Fun Read! - "This was a very enjoyable book to read. A fun and quirky romantic adventure all nestled in the great city of Pittsburgh. It reminded me of all of the crazy antics and situational mishaps of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy it for yourself, too!"



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